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RGU2671 / RGU2680 - FAQ

  1. What are RGU267x and RGU2680?
    The RGU267x and RGU2680 are tire changers specially designed for home and truck roadside service.

  2. How many models of these tire changers exist?
    There are 6 versions:
    • RGU2671.G: 13-26", it does not include generator and compressor
    • RGU2671.G.GENSET: 13-26", it includes generator and compressor
    • RGU2672.G.GENSET HIGHFLOOR: 13-26", it includes generator and compressor, max. installation height from ground 1100 mm
    • RGU2673.G.GENSET HYDRAULIC: 13-26", it includes generator and compressor, hydraulic chuck motor
    • RGU2680: 14-26", it does not include generator and compressor
    • RGU2680.GENSET: 14-26", it includes generator and compressor

  3. Do these tire changers work with a PTO (Power Take-Off) or generator?
    RGU267x and RGU2680 both work with a generator.

  4. What is the difference between a PTO and a generator?
    The difference depends on the system.
    In some cases, the PTO feeds a hydraulic pump that drives a compressor and alternator. The compressor is driven by the timing belt through the hydraulic pump.
    Electric power (e.g. for the wheel balancer) is produced by the alternator, which is driven by the same hydraulic pump. The PTO does not work well because it uses an alternator, which nullifies the advantage and usefulness of the hydraulic pump because it converts from hydraulic pump to electricity. In practice, it has a large dispersion of energy, so very little power. The lack of power is particularly noticeable when dismounting hard tires.

  5. How can these tire changers be installed on the van?
    The RGU267x and RGU2680 can be fitted to either the side or rear door* of the van.

    *When fitting to the rear door, the following points should be noted:
    • Order RGU2672.G.GENSET HIGHFLOOR model
    • The hose reels and FRL can be connected separately from the compressor
    • As far as the vehicle is concerned, the weight and dimensions must be taken into account
    Van manufacturers usually specify a maximum load on each axle. If all the weight is on the rear axle, there could be a problem at a roadside inspection. It may be necessary to order a van with reinforced suspension as the weight will be mainly on the rear axle.

  6. Is it possible to combine these tire changers with a wheel balancer?
    The RGU267x tire changer can be fitted with the B160 wheel balancer, which is specially designed for mobile service and is constructed so that it can be attached to the tire changer when it is tilted out of the vehicle.

  7. Who can install this tire changer on the van?
    The installation of the tire changer can be carried out by FASEP technicians in Ronta, Italy (mainly Italian customers) or directly by the customer.

  8. Who is responsible for repairing the engine if it breaks down?
    Engine repairs must be carried out by an engine manufacturer's authorised service agent.

  9. What are the dimensions inside the cargo area of the van to be observed?
    The device must have a spacing of at least 30 cm around it (distance to the van walls, distance to the exit door,...).

  10. Is it necessary to reinforce the floor of the van where the tire changer is located?
    The van must have a flat, solid and horizontal floor for mounting the tire changer, but it does not need to be reinforced.

  11. How is the tire changer anchored?
    The tire changer is anchored to the frame using 6 M10 anchor screws through the mounting holes.

  12. Does the van require a document for this type of installation?
    This varies from country to country.
    Please check local regulations.

  13. Where should the smoke vent be located? Are there any special requirements?
    The exhaust pipe of the machine is inserted into the tulip (supplied with the machine), which must be fixed to the floor of the van.
    The exhaust pipe should follow as direct a path as possible.


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