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latest update 19/12/16

Video Wheel Balancer


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V648 iTouch
The best at your touch.

V648 iTouch offers everything All-inclusive. Touch-Screen for easily working, 3D Touchless input, three lasers for the application of each type of weight with maximum precision, 3D.Scanner for automatic control of the geometry of the tire and rim, G3.Extreme electronics for maximum working speed.

Technologically unsurpassed and still easy to use.
Based on the Videotronic technology, the balancer is controlled by a Personal Computer, with Windows CE operating system. User can easily control all functions through an LCD monitor: with the use of graphics and icons, using the wheel balancer is absolutely intuitive. No confusing "frills", no strange "gadgets". Instead, a well-tested user-friendly interface with buttons and icons for a professional use. Fast, clear, effective.
Also, the software, stored on a Flash memory, can be upgraded in seconds. You can always take advantage of our continuous technical developments and make sure your product is never outdated!

Design and ergonomy to offer the best
A base with 15 weights compartments, one compartment for tools (pliers, etc.). Weight tray also offers place for 3 standard cones and 6 centering bushings. Flanges can be placed laterally on the wheel balancer: six flange holders are provided.
Extra space for weights (6 trays) is provided on the back-mount weights-holder, which also offers an extra space for 3 adapters.
Its innovative body with shaped weight tray frees the most area near to the wheel, and the new easy-alu basement improves access to inside of the rim to ease  application of the adhesive weights.
The wheel guard has a new design that reduces opening and closing efforts and reduce dramatically space requirements.

TOUCH screen

allows an easy and intuitive use by the user with a greater ergonomics

G3.Extreme Electronic motor control
The new technology G3.EXTREME introduces the following news:
. electronic motor control (inverter)
. use of quiet and powerful three-phase motors
. very quick cycle time (start, braking and automatic wheel positioning in 5.5. sec)
. automatic positioning system APS2 faster and more accurate, controlled by the keyboard or the brake pedal
. electromagnetic brake included as standard (not for V58x)
. 50-60Hz seamless operation (electronic motor control operates shaft always at same speed)

Precision mechanics
The heart of the balancer is built around the VQI 3-sensor system, a FASEP exclusive design, and with IFS system (integrated-flange shaft) for maximum centering accuracy.
It also comes with the new shaft 2003, allowing larger tires and rims and designed to work easily on wheels where adhesive weights are required, with a larger access to the inside of the rim, more then any other competitor.

Built to last (as strong as it looks!)
Every detail is designed and tested to grant long time of good working quality.
The Heavy Duty shaft allows 90kg of maximum weight on the shaft, a record unsurpassed. No competitor's product can match it.
Bigger and tougher than any other competitor's product !

Full Automatic 3D Input System
The machine is equipped with Automatic Distance/Diameter Input (option A) and Automatic Width Input (option D).
With Automatic Distance/Diameter, also ALU-SE function (automatic input of wheel data and adhesive weight application system) is available to improve productivity when balancing wheel with stick-on weights.
Balance wheels perfectly with stick-on weights at first spin using ALU-SE!

mode (for automatic balancing mode selection) available on selected model configurations.

Special options to maximize your productivity.

The PneuLock system allow a complete cycle much faster compared to manual wheel locking, and at the same time it allows a more precise wheel centering.


The Laser System delivers an accurate and fast job also in the case of balancing with stick-on weights.
No more approximate ALU1.2.3.4 programs: 0-0 to the first spin assured with stick-on weights too!

3D Scanner

The 3D.SCANNER control system allows to measure the run-out of tire and rim with 1mm accuracy, as well as Side Slip of tire.
It completely integrates with Videotronic.Ce software and it allows to visualize the following data:
. point-by-point measure
. maximum deviation
. first harmonic
. point of maximum deviation
. side-slip for 4 wheels

3D Touchleess input. The 3D Touchless Input systems automatically measures the wheel data (distance + diameter + width) both for alloy and for steel rims, allowing balancing with both stick-on and clip-on weights, respectively

Touchless Laser
The LASER automatically measures wheel data (distance + diameter) for both steel and alloy wheels.
It also indicates (laser pointer) the exact position of application of the weight in ALU-SE modes.

Touchless Sonar
The SONAR automatically measures wheel data (outside distance) for steel wheels from 12" to 26"

Customized Special Version
Do you have special request to fit your garage design or to impress your customer ?
If you need a customized special version we can do it!


Ready for Zinc, Steel and Tin balancing materials.


Technical Datatop.gif (726 byte)



V555 V585 V643 V644 V648 V653
Power source 220V 50-60Hz 1Ph

Motor power

50 W

Power requirement

400 W

Rotation speed

98 RPM

Rim Diameter

8" (200 mm) - 26" (650 mm)

Rim Diameter (alu-s) 8" - 23"

Wheel Diameter (max)
with wheel-guard

34" (850 mm)

Wheel Diameter (max)
without wheel-guard

38" (970 mm) 36" (910 mm)

Rim Width (max)
with wheel-guard

16" (415 mm)

Rim Distance (alu-s / laser)

11.5 " (290mm)

Wheel Weight (max)

75 Kg
(166 Lbs)

90 Kg (198 Lbs)

Measuring time

4 - 15 s.

5,5 s.


1 gr.

Angular accuracy 256 divisions (accuracy = 1,4 deg)



< 70 dB (A)


Hardware featurestop.gif (726 byte) (WinCE version)


V585 V643 V644 V648 V653
 Hardware features
Weight + pliers compartments 9+1 15+1 15+1 15+1 19+1
Back mounted weight compartments no yes yes yes yes
Cone compartments 3 10 10 10 9
Flange supports 6 6 6 6 6

Wheel data input - IN
Automatic input of distance and diameter




yes yes

Wheel data input - OUT
Automatic input of width

opt yes


yes yes

Foot Lock pedal
to ease locking-unlocking of flanges and applying weights




yes no

Foot-pedal / electro-magnetic brake
It locks the motors electrically to ease locking-unlocking of flanges and application of weights




opt yes

Easy-alu" trapezoidal basement
allows a better access for application of adhesive weights.




yes no

Functions top.gif (726 byte)

  ENTRY (default)
V555.2 / V556
(Full option)
V585 / V643 / V644 / V648 / V653
Unit of measure
mm / inches (user setup)
Automatic when closing the Wheel guard (user setup)
Display step
1 or 5 gr (user setup)
Display cut-off
1 to 9 gr (user setup)
at the end of measuring run, wheel is stopped with point of application of weight placed at 12 o'clock 
a great number of malfunctions or user mistakes in procedure are detected
sensor calibration can be easily performed by the user
Possibility to divide the balance weight and hide behind the spokes in a non-visible position
Statistics hot03.gif (2233 byte)
FCC Fast Calibration Check
Rim Databank
List of standard tyre measures (width - diameter) selectable for quick input
allows to measure and enter the exact position of adhesive weights to be placed on alloy rims
ALU-SE ALU-S Electronic
allows to enter ALU measurements automatically and find automatically the exact position of adhesive weights to be placed on alloy rims
Information Center - tele-diagnostic
display the technical configuration and status of sensors, and allow  to configure and personalize the way the balancer works.
MARS Automatic Minimization of Residual Static Unbalance
allows to reduce the static unbalance left, due to rounding when using weights multiple of 5 grams.
Optimization Tire matching
Static (tire rotated on the rim)
Dynamic (tire rotated/overturned on the rim)
Rim run-out hot03.gif (2233 byte)
check geometric rotundity / eccentricity of the rim
Planarity hot03.gif (2233 byte)
check geometric planarity of the rim
AFC Automatic Flange Calibration
allows to use even non-balanced flanges (dirty, worn, etc.)
ASF ALU Special Functions
Allows to place adhesive weights at 6 o'clock and other useful functions.
APS Automatic Positioning System
Allows to move wheel automatically to inside/outside position for application of the balancing weight.
FAST Fast balancing mode
Allows to measure wheel unbalance in half time (for when you have peak-hours time/periods).
Double operator




Dimensions top.gif (726 byte)

Dimensions (mm)













Packing (mm)





V648 1230 1030 1640

Weight (kg)









V648 224 180  


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