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latest update 28/03/17

Automatic Tire Changer


Automatic up to 23"
RAE.2108 is an automatic tire changer suitable for car and motorcycle wheels having rim size from 10" to 23" with pneumatic swing arm movement.
Solidity and reliability are the keywords for this tire, which, thanks to the particular movement of the arm, ensure exceptional rigidity, especially useful for mounting low profile tires.

23" Turntable.
The tyre changer is equipped with a heavy-duty self-centering turntable. The octagonal shaped turntable can lock rims up to 23".

Mounting arm swing laterally.
The oversized mounting arms swing on the side pneumatically by pedal control. Operation is made easy with side swing mounting arm as it can be fully operated hands-free. Overturning lateral movement allows space-saving spiral.

Mounting head with pneumatic lock.
Mounting head is pneumatically locked. The lock position simultaneously adjust mounting head with both vertical and horizontal clearance (height and diameter) from the rim.
Other mounting heads and a quick adapter are available as accessories.
Robot control for pneumatic lifting optionally (PP).

Low profile mounting head. 
Specially designed to operate on low profile tires, the mounting head is equipped with special Teflon inserts to protect alloy rims against accidental scratches.

The tire changer is equipped with a bi-directional, 1-speed motor.
Optionally, 2-speed motor foot pedal.

Bead Breaker.
Powerful pneumatic bead breaker with single-effect cylinder with return spring and stroke adjuster.

Special accessories for Run-on-Flat tires.
Optionally, the tire changer can be equipped with PRESS PRO and AUXILIARY ARM KIT devices to ease mounting and demounting of low profile tires.

Pedal-controlled inflator (option)
The tire changer can be equipped with pedal controlled inflation.


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Technical Data
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Technical Datatop.gif (726 byte)

RAE.2102 RAE.2102.Racing


Power Source

230-400V 50-60 Hz 3Ph
230V 50-60 Hz 1Ph

Motor Power

3Ph - 0,75 Hp 0,55 Kw
1Ph - 1 Hp 0,75 Kw 

Power requirement

1000 Watt

Rotation Speed

1 speed: 6 RPM
(opt 2 speed, foot pedal)

Rim Diameter
external clamping

10" - 18"
(opt 10-20")
(opt 12-22") 
12" - 22" 10" - 20"

Rim Diameter
internal clamping

12" - 20"
(opt 12-22")
(opt 14-24")
14" - 24" 13" - 23"

Wheel Diameter (max)

39" (1000 mm)

Rim Width (max)

12,5" (320 mm)

13,5" (345 mm) 12,5" (320 mm)

Bead Breaker Force (at 10 bar)

2800 Kg 2900 Kg 2800 Kg

Bead Breaker type

simple-effect double-effects cylinder
Mounting arm tilt back swing pneumatic

Operating Pressure

8-10 bar (110-145 psi)


110 kgm

Intake pressure limiting device max.

10 bar (145 psi)

Inflating pressure limiting device max.

3,5 bar (50 psi)

Safety valve on inflating device

4 bar (60 psi)


< 70 dB (A)


Optional Functionstop.gif (726 byte)


Device to bead-seat instantaneously tubeless tires, equipped with a 16 liters air tank.


Device to ease mounting and demounting of low profiled tyres.


Device to ease mounting and demounting of low profiled tyres.


Dimensionstop.gif (726 byte)

Packing (mm)
  A B C

990 770 970
Weight (kg)
  Gross Net  
RAE.2108 230 205  
RAE.2108.T 240 215  
Dimensions (mm)
  L P H
RAE.2108 7951015 1510 1765
+ Press Pro
1850 1510 1765



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