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latest update 24/02/17

Inflation Cages


FS1400 is the new inflation cages complying with European strictest safety norms for  the inflation of the wheels of cars and trucks with diameter until 1600mm and width until 800mm.

FS1400 allows the inflation in safety of all the tires of truck and bus with 1600 mm maximum diameter and 800 mm width. Structure FS1400 is in galvanized steel and can easy be taken apart and mounted thus it can be shipped in a small case.

With the FS1400 the inflation is carried out in safety with the aid of normal regulators of pressure equipped with gauge or with system of inflation electronic (optional easy installed) that it allows to adopt a position the pressure and to carry out the inflation independently concurring a remarkable saving of time with the operator.

All you need to know
Technical data
Optional accessories


Technical datatop.gif (726 byte)

Power Source

230V 50-60Hz 1Ph

Max diameter wheel

63" (1600 mm)

Max width wheel

31,5" (800 mm)

Operating Pressure

10 bar (145 psi)

Inflation pressure 

0,5 - 10 bar

Inflation accuracy

0,08 bar




product code type description
V506 FS1400 inflation cages
V503 FS1500 inflation cages with inflator



Packing (mm)
  A B C
FS1400 1780 1000 500
Weight (kg)
  Lordo Netto  
FS1400 220 200  
Dimensions (mm)
  L P H
FS1400 962 2535 1685