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latest update 22/09/14



FASEP products are granted to the original owner against defective materials and fabrication, imperfect aspect and finish and imperfect operations for 12 months after the date of installation to end user to be registered on http:\\support.fasep.it\ac.
During warranty period FASEP will repair or replace the products or parts that will prove to be defective after inspection by our technician or by our authorized service department.
The warranty does not cover defects or damages due to uncomplete knowledge of manuals included with the unit, uncomplete application of recommendations described in the manuals included with the unit, unproper maintenance, use out of the specified limits, use of nonoriginal FASEP parts, unauthorized modifications of the unit.
Warranty on Repairs
The warranty on repairs is 3 months. The warranty only covers the parts replaced.
Warranty on magnetic media (floppy disks, etc.).
The warranty on magnetic media is limited to 30 days, due to the vulnerability of these products (ie, dirt, magnetic fields, high temperature, etc..). The customer must provide their own to make backup copies of disks to prevent damage. If the customer is unable to make copies, these can be obtained directly at FASEP. Only the latest current version will be available.
Warranty on batteries
The batteries used in the products are guaranteed against defects found in the product.
This warranty is applicable only in case of defects of the battery. The total discharge for a long period of inactivity or lack of charge, does not give the right to replace the battery under warranty. In particular, the battery warranty does not apply to:
. storage and recharge failure for a long time
. total discharge
. if they have been removed or tampered with.
Non-Applicability of Warranty
The Guarantee does not apply to damages caused by:
- Problems caused by incorrect calibration values of the sensors of the machine (the mis-calibration can be done by shocks, voltage drop, etc. and the customer has to take care of the calibration of the machine, as well as being able to perform it);
- Interventions where no problem is found by the technician;
- Incorrect procedure followed by the customer;
- Negligence (eg, failure to clean the adapters, cones worn, dirty or dented, chucks fallen, etc);
- Improper use of the product, wrong connection, wrong operations;
- Voltage surge or overload;
- Damage caused from the connection to non conform power lines do;
- Unsuitable climatic and environmental conditions;
- Inadequate maintenance, tampering and unauthorized access;
- Failure and malfunction caused, in the opinion of our technical, tampering or incorrect connection;
- Overloading exceeding the limits of the plate;
- Inexperience, negligence, fraud, vandalism:
- Damage caused by drops, bumps, damage during shipping, fires, earthquakes, floods, lightning and other disasters
- Removal of seals or the original opening of the housing.

If, as a result of a check on the equipment fails, it is found that the guarantee is not applicable, the cost of the intervention and spare parts will be charged.
Cases for which the warranty is void
Change of ownership, improper use, tampering or unauthorized modifications.
Exception of non-compliance
FASEP may refuse to comply with the obligation of warranty if the buyer has not made prior scheduled payment or is in any case in a position of non-payment.