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latest update 30/08/18

LASER System
for application of adhesive weights

For a quality wheel balancing, accuracy in placing weights is a must.
FASEP video wheel balancers can be equipped with LASER system for accurate application of adhesive weights inside the rim.

With the LASER system, user get a lot of advantages:
1. identify, from the start, that is during input of rim dimensions, the point of application of weights to avoid areas of the rim that are not flat.
2. after measuring spin, find easily the point of application in a very visible zone in the lower part of the rim.
3. clean point of application easily as you see very well the exact point the  weight must be placed.
4. apply the adhesive weight, very accurately, with no chance of mistake even by a few millimeters as the LASER is just a dot. Unlike traditional ALU-S system working at 12 o' clock in a place the user cannot see.


Laser sequence, view from top




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