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latest update 15/09/14


FASEP introduces another "Horizontal-Mounting" wheel balancer and unveils B441.

After launching V651 in 2002, now replaced by the improved version V652, FASEP introduced another wheel balancer equipped with Tilting System.


B441 is a digital automatic wheel balancer.
The main point about B441 is its tilting system.
The tilting system allows a wheel to be mounted horizontally on the wheel balancer so that centering is always perfect, regardless of operator training and accuracy.

On normal wheel balancers, actually, mounting the wheel vertically needs a lot of attention by the operator as centering is difficult and affected by the weight of the wheel, so much that it is a critical point in the whole balancing process.

Mounting the wheel horizontally, instead of vertically by side, is a good point also when you think that the wheel to be balanced mostly has just been fitted on a tyre changer where it also laid in horizontal position. B441 is ideal then when it is located near the tyre changer and at the end of a tyre mounting line like those manufactured by Ahcon, for example.

On B441 tilting system is operated pneumatically, differently from V651 and V652 where it is fully automatic thanks to an electronic control unit.

Apart from tilting system, B441 incorporates all latest features of FASEP range of balancers:
- low speed (98 rpm)
- ALU-SE special device for application of adhesive weights
- AFC automatic flange calibration
- MARS a special algorithm to minimize the residual static unbalance

As a standard B441 offers automatic input of all wheel dimensions.

The B441 has met a big success in Automechanika and first units are now being delivered to European countries including Germany where customers know what are the benefits of horizontal mounting and old models like Geodyna 97 have not yet found a replacement unit.

In other markets like UK, B441 has not been launched yet, but FASEP expects a good success in replacing existing Balco units equipped with manual tilting system as more and more users are becoming convinced that horizontal centering ensure a perfect balancing, save times and keep customer come-backs to a minimum.


Since over 30 years FASEP designs and manufactures electronic wheel balancers.
The fact that FASEP has focused for over 30 years on designing and manufacturing two particular products, that is wheel balancers and wheel aligners, determines its special experience and specific know-how.
A choice of specialization, that distinguishes FASEP for its unique products compared to most of other manufacturers and that makes FASEP well known on the Italian and overseas market in over 50 nations.
A choice of specialization, mostly, that let FASEP to find many technical solutions and different from most of other manufacturers.
Also, just thanks to the particularity of its production, FASEP is a technology partner for many manufacturers of wheel balancers and wheel aligners worldwide, by means of know-how transfer and/or high-tech parts.