Ronta, 1 august 2000

FASEP achieves ISO9001 Certification 

certification logo
certificate nr 70827 issued on August 1 2000

On 1 August 2000, FASEP Quality System has been certified by BUREAU VERITAS QUALITY INTERNATIONAL to be in full conformity with ISO9001 international standards.

After earning the certification, FASEP was presented a registration certificate for :
"Design, manufacturing, sale, marketing and after sale service of automotive service equipment (wheel aligners, wheel balancers, tyre changers, lifters, test lanes) for the maintenance, repair and diagnosis of vehicles"

ISO 9000 is a series of internationally-recognized standards developed by the International Organization of Standardization which define requirements for the implementation of quality systems in operational procedures. The standards apply uniformly to companies in any industry and of any size. ISO 9001 applies to industries involved in the design and development, manufacturing, installation, and servicing of products.

ISO9001 certification program started in October 1998 and led the company through major changes in management and workflows, involving extended examination of all process, including design control.
The certification process involved all people at all levels and, with a very good response among staffs, introduced immediate advantages in various aspect of the company "way of life".

The acquisition of ISO9001 certification demonstrates how FASEP quality control system complies with the international standards in every stage of operations, from design and development to production and shipment.
We will maintain our quality control system at high level, in order to continue providing products that bring maximum satisfaction to customers, and to build our reputation as a trustworthy company.

The examination for our ISO9001 certification was conducted by the specialist staff of BVQI, who already have certified several other companies in the same business. The BVQI examiners expressed personal congratulations for how FASEP company "has been driven through the ISO9001 revolution" and "wired" (most of quality control is achieved by means of a computerized system, in order to achieve a company-wide quality control deployment). 

The President, Mr Fulvio Boni, expressed his thanks to all employees who positively contributed to achieve the target on schedule for Automechanika 2000 on coming September.