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latest update 15/09/14

13 october 2010

V643.G3 Extreme

At AUTOMECHANIKA, FASEP introduced the new wheel balancer V643 and V653 with new technology G3.EXTREME.

V643.G3 has all the best features to offer maximum speed and accuracy in wheel balancing, with a special attention to alloy wheels. V643.G3 incorporates the latest low-speed technology with 16-bit electronics from FASEP legendary reliability. Most important, V643 now incorporates the latest G3.Extreme generation with unsurpassed speed performances.

The new G3.EXTREME technology is used on the new version of VIDEOTRONIC.CE program that includes a series of improvements all contribute to the reduction of working time.
With the new G3.EXTREME read times of the imbalances and total time of launch and positioning of the wheel are reduced up to the record time of 5.5 seconds.


G3.Extreme Electronic motor control
The new technology G3.EXTREME introduces the following news:
. electronic motor control (inverter)
. use of quiet and powerful three-phase motors
. very quick cycle time (start, braking and automatic wheel positioning in 5.5. sec)
. automatic positioning system APS2 faster and more accurate, controlled by the keyboard or the brake pedal
. electromagnetic brake included as standard (not for V58x)
. 50-60Hz seamless operation (electronic motor control operates shaft always at same speed)

Autoselect - Automatic Balancing mode detection

The AUTOSELECT function allows automatic selection of Balancing mode (Dynamic, Alu-S1, Alu-S2) automatically when wheel is measured.
Shortly, according to how measures are taken, the AUTOSELECT function automatically select Dynamic mode (2 clip weights), Alu-S1 (1 clip weight + 1 stick on weight) or Alu-S2 (2 stick on weights).


Special options to maximize your productivity.

The PneuLock system allow a complete cycle much faster compared to manual wheel locking, and at the same time it allows a more precise wheel centering.


The Laser System delivers an accurate and fast job also in the case of balancing with stick-on weights.
No more approximate ALU1.2.3.4 programs: 0-0 to the first spin assured with stick-on weights too!


3D Scanner

The 3D.SCANNER control system allows to measure the run-out of tire and rim with 1mm accuracy, as well as Side Slip of tire.
It completely integrates with Videotronic.Ce software and it allows to visualize the following data:
. point-by-point measure
. maximum deviation
. first harmonic
. point of maximum deviation
. side-slip for 4 wheels

The V643.G3 can be equipped with LIFT TABLE.



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Videotronic V643.G3 Poster