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latest update 30/01/15

What FASEP customers say about us


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19 dec 2014

thank you for your amazing support and work throughout 2014.

F.P. - Thomastown - Australia
09 oct 2014

Your products are very good.

F.A.N. - Side Bel Abbes - Algeria
06 oct 2014

We need to replace our tyre changers and update our equipment we have had good feed back about Fasep!.

J.P. - Guernsey - Great Britain
29 sep 2014

I was contacted. I was treated like a V.I.P. and given all the information I required. I would highly recommend your Australian dealer for his professional & friendly help and advice. I look forward to future dealings.

W.P. - Upper Caboolture - Australia
03 jun 2014

We use fasep alignment machine and it helped us alot as compered to others we used.
We have use other services equipment until  later we had Fasep wheel aligner which changed out work to raise due to its simplicity and accuracy

B. - Accra - Ghana

16 may 2014

I appreciate your quality and know that you are big company but company with a "soul". I know that Belgrade has dealers that sell your machine.
Italian technique I love and appreciate more than Germany.

S. - Nis - Serbia

11 may 2014

Congratulation on the occasion of the anniversary of 45 years for your products. We wish to you further progress and development for ever & leader of professional equipment in all world.

M.I. - Baghdad - Iraq

06 may 2014

Love the equipment and look forward to work a deal soon.

J.G. - Naples - USA

03 apr 2014

Honestly i was surprised how much the customer loved it. Even Frank was laughing as we left saying he was so surprised the customers loved it that much.

D.P. - Thomastown - Australia
03 mar 2014

Hello Mr. Fabio, I am xxxxxx from xxxxxxx. Congratulations for V643, it is perfect. Congratulations all the Fasep members.

E.K. - Istanbul - Turkey

27 jan 2014

The first activation of a wheel balancer is a very nice tool to retrieve a stolen machine.
NOVEMBER 2011 is my Fasep B331 stolen.Today i have check (serialnumber) of a B331 (by customer)for first activation, and YES I have FOUND my stolen machine back.

B.G. - Valthermond - Holland

29 nov 2013

Your company name is one of the famous brands and it is recognized in Egypt

A.M. - Giza - Egypt

07 oct 2013

When a customer start to use fasep they are very happy and they do not want to change.

E.K. - Istanbul - Turkey

07 oct 2013

I have found all the information needed on your website. Actually it's better than the catalog

M.M. - Salmabad - Bahrain

04 oct 2013

Sto inviando le immagini di due clienti con assetto de rota a lavorare. Sono entusiasti della velocità e la eficiensa

M.C. - Alvorninha - Portugal

03 aug 2013

I have 2 of your products 1 is a tyre changer and wheel balancer. I am very pleased with your machines....

V.S. - Zakynthos - Greece

30 jul 2013

Fasep wheel aligner is mantaince free machine.

P.G. - Jaipur - India

01 jul 2013

Fasep products is so easy and simple and its performence is excellent and perfect.

L.A. - Lahore - Pakistan

19 jun 2013

The experience as always was second to none and the knowledge that was shared with me was first class.
It is always great coming over and seeing new things even that i may not get my hands on for a while. Because it shows Fasep as a company is always growing and expanding. Not to mention the great food and coffee.

D.P. - Thomastown - Australia

23 may 2013

"Sin duda, una firma puntera en el sector del equipamiento para el mundo del neumatico.Auguri!!!"

P.C. - Madrid - Spain

22 march 2013

"..the ticket system (for support) is perfect, no complaints about it."

A.J. - Praha - Czech Republic

05 february 2013

We have recently bought mobile truck balancing machine and we ( also and customer) are really satisfited of quality. So for this "sector" of equipment, mostly mobile machines, we would like to present your production.

J.B. - Vilnius - Lituania

13 december 2012

Hello dear manufacturers. For many years, we use your product Micro 2000. Instrument for all the operation proved to be reliable and practical, easy to use.

I.G. - Cherepovets - Russia

19 july 2012

The skype support was very helpful, thank you and your colleagues very much.

I.C. - Ukraine

12 march 2012

Our company is offering full coverage for motorcycles including sales,service and spare parts We wish to contact you to congratulate you for the first quality products you are offering,a fact that lately has been enhanced for us As owners and users of a modern fasep motorcycle wheel balancer we could not resist from buying an old Digitron motorcycle wheel balancer from the early '80s in perfect condition and still working A tool that offers it's service for 30 or so years, a reliable servant deserves to be called a classic and treated like one We would appreciate you Company's assistace by providing parts,parts book,owner's and service manual,if availlable We know that there is solid representation of your Company in Greece but we felt that we had to inform the parents first for the usefull life their child has.

M.N. - Greece

09 February 2012

I want to say is that I love fasep wheel alignment as they are fast simple and acurate. Infact I had bought 2 in saudia arabia one 1982 model and one 1987 model both were digital systems great stuff. And now in Yemen I bought a whole secnd hand equipment among them is a Fasep aligner chinese made in allmost new condition but it has no program cd. Wondering if you could help by selling me one. Its made abut the 90s on the manual. Its called to-8 thanks for your time.

H.A. - Yemen
19 January 2012

We chose the Fasep as we saw it as the ideal replacement for the Coats 700 when they ceased to manufacture it, the Coats 700s are great machines but the Fasep is better.

K.T. - Great Britain

30 December 2011

Your company is very good.

M.D. - Egypt

29 November 2011

I am very happy with the service I received.

J.A. - Australia

14 October 2011

Finally  there is no problem with the aligner and the sensors, the problem was in the wrong handling of the customer.
Finished with the technical assistance, we solved  all the problems with the alignment of the client.
The aligner is working perfect!
The customer is excited with the ease of use both in cars and buses!
And it is very possible  to sale one more of the same aligner to an other customer who is friend with our customer

J.M. - Greece

5 October 2011

You had four balancers in America on a 10 hour race, two in UK on a 24hour race and three on British Touring Car weekend with no problems.

K.T. - Great Britain
11 September 2011

Thanks very much , Active code work good & wheel balance work very good.
Eng. Mohammed.I.M - Iraq

16 August 2011

I'm very sorry that i didnt buy machinery this spring.  I went into a stupid thing and bought cheap china products, its already defect.
I know I did a mistake but hope I can order from you.

P.B. - Norway

20 April 2011

We have a Concept k wheel alignment VCO-K.Wintrax.N.VAPH and are very happy with it also have a wheel balancer B431.G2.DA & tyre changer RASE.2024.T.

Hopinit Tyre & Auto Care Centre - Australia

18 January 2011

We were delighted with how the balancers coped, bearing in mind this event is believed to be the largest ever racing grid of cars on one single brand of tire in the history of International Endurance Motorsport the machines (and us!) worked continuously for in excess of 36 hours.

Facts and figures:
3400 tires fitted and balanced.
Each balancer did 1400-1800 spins (most between 8:00 Friday and 14:00 Saturday)
Approx 100 tires per hour


Kevin Theakstone

25 October 2010

"Thanks you for technical support from Mr. Gennady Semenov. Now wheel balancer works correctly. Thanks for high quality product from Fasep."

A.S. - Russia

27 July 2010

"Lately we got more and more inquiries about quality tire shop equipment. Seems that market is fed up with Chinese brands. I was just wondering if you can send me an updated pricelist."

A.A. - Bosnia

26 March 2010

Letter of appreciation Michael Kaye

Patterson Cheney - Australia

19 February 2010

The wheel alignment technology is totally different to anything else operating, offering a more sophisticated procedure using radio signals to carry out an accurate and fast alignment, complete with printouts before and after. Making no contact with the wheel rim, it takes just 30 seconds to set up and analyse each tyre, so within twenty minutes your wheel alignment check is done.

Hopinit Tyre & Auto Care Centre - Australia

26 September 2009

My equipment and FASEP 2000 and I'm proud he is really the point they walk very well and I remain faithful to FASEP 2000.

E.T. - Algeria

09 September 2009

203.224 spins on the B441

Bob Jane T.Mart - Australia

17 July 2009

324.207 spins on the Videotronic Omega

Pecchioli Gomme - Italy


30 June 2009

Wheel Balancers of yours, show the greater design depth to under stand and highly impressive.

B.Karthikeyan, ATS ELGI Ltd - India

15 June 2009

Customer: Roadstar Tyres in Hoppers Crossing, Victoria, Australia.

They are very happy with the Fasep Aligner. The customer previously had a Hunter Aligner.


28 May 2009

If I sold wheel balances it would be your vertical mount, fantastic machine.

RMS - Australia

26 May 2009

It is my pleasure to contact you and tell you my compliments about your stand at Autopromotec fair.
I was really surprised and satisfied the range of wheel balancers and tire changers, it is very big, you have too many different models, almost for all kind of customers.

Gaga Abuladze - Georgia

7 April 2009

Letter of testimony Geelong

12 December 2008

I must say I am very impressed with your support centre and knowledge base. It is very very helpful and a very informative part of your site.

Sally - Tyrebay Direct

3 December 2008

Letter of testimony Mark Vettori

9 October 2008

So Proude to have that great moments on your web site ..it's amazing

Ashraf - Nour Trade and Supplies

17 April 2008

We are selling from year 1994 Hofmann brand. Till today. Oldest Hofmann dealer in Baltic Countries. But your machines working well, no problems till today. Maybe you can send me your new pricelist?

Peeter Luik
12 mar 2008

211.000 spines de la Omega! (*)

Mauro Ruggeri - Argentina

(*: 211.000 spins on the Videotronic Omega)

10 December 2007

Congratulations for these improvements (over the products). I am very pleased you have listened to my concerns and your ability to react is most impressive.

Tim Green - Greentech - Australia

1 august 2007

We bought your products from one local firm and we are very satisfied-the experience that we made during several years proved the high quality of your equipment, so that we can rely on them without any doubt. So we are very thankful for such a good service equipment.

Tamaz Khazalashvili - Tblisi - Georgia

11 May 2007

Thank you so so  much for your help, everything is great now, we are appreciate all the employees in your company who was trying to help us, thanks a lot.

Paata Zhgenti - TEGETA MOTORS Ltd - Georgia

10 May 2007

Your support looked very good in my customers eyes as I was able to meet with him first thing this morning with a reply.

Tim Green - Greentech - Australia

9 May 2007

It was a very nice moments I feel it talking to a very wonderful Master on his Business powerful in ATOMIC,XPs Engineering.

Now I am so much proud of Fasep Company to the Team of Engineers and Staff up to the Head of this company for the best quality been achieved building up .

Essam El Jack - Al Esay - Service dept - KSA

15 April 2007

I am very satisfied with your products and I'm interested about your new products Videologic Concept.
I would like to accentuate that I'm satisfied with the concept of work of your products. I tried to work with (Beissbarth, Nussbaum, Corghi) but I found Fasep the easiest to work with, especially "Caster" and "Tach-VAG".

Ratko - Optik Autoservice - Pula

13 Mar 2007

Motorcycle Wheel Balancer is proving to be very good on the UK market. Hopefully this will now continue to grow for the future and our business relationship will become a long standing success.

Robin Milton - UK

7 Mar 2007

I have seen FASEP ALIGNERS here, they are robust , sleek and accurate.

Ajit Singh - New Dehli (India)

29 January 2007

Please tell me the name of your distributor in Spain to buy a new FASEP wheel balancer as we had very good results with the current one.

Jose Luis Peña - Aranda De Duero (Burgos)
11 December 2006

I think it is an insult to compare Fasep Winlogic to Space. Fasep is far superior.

Rob Lovesy - Supertracker - Uk
3 oct 2006

The customer was a Corghi fan, until he saw the difference between Fasep and Corghi.

Alex Bertchi - Suisse

19 july 2006

FASEP great product

Bayu - Megatek - Indonesia

22 may 2006

The test on your wheel balancers is going well. The customer likes the features and my technician and I are impressed with the build quality.

Tim Green - Australia

4 nov 2005

Nous aimerions vous dire que FASEP est une marque très connue en Côte d'Ivoire.

Roger Monaco - Yamoussoukro - Cote d'Ivoire

27 oct 2005

just a quick note to let you know we received delivery of the Motorcycle Balancer last week.
Upon opening the box and assembling the machine today, we are very impressed, it looks extremely high quality and very robust.

Robin Milton - UK

1 march 2005

..actually Stamford Tires people prefers FASEP equipment than others. Because of your products performance, durability and immediate technical support. 

U Kyi Hla, Singapore

7 oct 2004
Hi my name is Ahmad from Saudi Arabia in Jeddah , I have bought the latest wheel alignment system of yours from your agent in K.S.A and I would like to thank you and tell you that it is absolutely an easy and perfect one. It was the right choice I had made when I've bought your alignment system .

Ahmad - Saudi Arabia

22 sep 04
good day to you! I have a lot of customer using your brand and I am the one doing the service contract. I am very interested to supply your product because it is good and easy in maintenance.
thank you very much and more power to FASEP.

Victory Sanchez - Philippines

1 sep 04
...I must say again--I can always rely on support from FASEP. I have NEVER received this kind of support from any American manufacturer!!

Ed Dinkler
New Jersey - USA

7 jun 2003
...the problem we had has been rectified. Apparently one of the connections was loose. We appreciate your help and will contact you if we come across any other problems.
If you are ever in Melbourne, Australia we would like to invite you to our place of business. 

Matt Gulmen - Australia

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