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latest update 30/01/15


Our history
Ideas breaking the rules

(remember: history teach us something!)


FASEP was establishd in 1969.

aspera.jpg (28372 byte)

FASEP designs ASPERA, its our first on-the-car wheel balancer.

unitron.jpg (7520 byte)

The first on-the-car balancer in the world to integrate in a single piece (hence  the name UNITRON) the spinning motor  and the measurement unit with the indication of unbalance.

Completely electronic, thousands of pieces were produced between 1970 and 1980 for our customers.
Nowadays, even if technologically outdated, a lot of UNITRON are still used for their power and accuracy.

protostrobo.jpg (12208 byte)

The prototype of a wheel balancer with strobo light is launched.

is the first Italian electronic wheel aligner.
Design is already a key feature of FASEP products.
The SINCROLEVEL uses new Syncro sensors, a military standard product, allowing an accuracy in wheel alignment unknown till date.

unitronic.jpg (10715 byte)

UNITRONIC was born to innovate.
With UNITRONIC we started to develop the FASEP Wheel Alignment System with very small sensors and a completely new approach to wheel alignment measurements. The front arm sensors disappeared, obtaining an improvement in ease-of-use and accuracy of measurement.
FASEP Alignment System invaded the market and allowed FASEP to become the first wheel alignment manufacturer in Italy.
UNITRONIC is the first FASEP product to be exported world-wide.

slg.jpg (12274 byte)

SINCROLOGIC introduces the new digital technology in the market.
The FASEP Alignment System improves to a higher level: Total Wheel Alignment  becomes a reality for the 4-wheels-alignment measurements.
FASEP is the first company using digital microprocessor for Alignment.
Also, design is a very innovative aspect, following the tendency of Tire Shops to become a sort of  "boutique" instead of dirty workshop.
Through the experience of professional designers  FASEP will continue to design new products always searching for new solutions.

slg-v.jpg (10463 byte)

With SINCROLOGIC-V FASEP looks ahead.
This is the first aligner in the world that includes an electronic Data Bank and a monitor to read wheel alignment measurements.
Another premiere in the world is represented by the printer. Initially  considered with skepticism, it became a standard component for any wheel alignment.

videotronic.jpg (10630 byte)

Another novelty in the world!
VIDEOTRONIC is the first balancer equipped with a monitor.
Presented at AUTOPROMOTEC SARP-SIAC Show of Bologna, immediately gained the interest of new customers who appreciated once more our innovative ideas.
With Videotronic FASEP also introduces the SENSONIC system for the input of wheel data, a unique device patented all over the world.

Another novelty in the world!
VIDEOLOGIC is the first wheel aligner with measurements displayed on a monitor.
Presented at AUTOPROMOTEC SARP-SIAC Show of Bologna, immediately gained the interest of new customers who appreciated once more our innovative ideas.

vccs.jpg (12279 byte)

The progress continues ...
VIDEOLOGIC CHROMATIC is the first Aligner in the world equipped with a Personal Computer.
Presented at AUTOPROMOTEC Show of Bologna, the level of technical innovation of this product surprises everybody.
The user can add and modify vehicles in the add and Autocalibration is present for the first time.
Also the Image Bank is a novelty in the world, another improvement for the wheel alignment.
At last, another function that will become an important support for our customers: the Customer Management System.

New logo

vdt2.gif (25033 byte)

VIDEOTRONIC 2000 is the first computer-controlled balancer.
A sophisticated system automatically position the wheel in the exact point of application of the weight: finding the point of application and correct a wrong balance become easier.
VIDEOTRONIC 2000 is also equipped with a printer and an high resolution screen.

vat21-1.jpg (26195 byte)

VIDEOLOGIC ATLANTIS is our second generation of wheel Aligners controlled by Computer.
Software becomes more and more important part of performances of the wheel aligner system and it is continuosly improved in a new KAIZEN philosophy.
The most important point for ATLANTIS is again design: ATLANTIS changes the concept of wheel aligner with a perfect union of utility, ergonomics and purity of lines.

25 Anniversary Fasep

pneulock.jpg (31408 byte)

FASEP introduces HD (Heavy Duty) system for wheel balancers.
A new shaft and a new centering system of high precision include a lot of advantages.
The innovation of the Integrated Spring in the bell-flange for the Back-cone centering and the possibility to lock the wheel with the new  Pneu-lock system represent another sign of the technological progress of FASEP .

ptrax.jpg (8013 byte)

FASEP introduces TRAX system.
A novelty in the world: the first sensors for wheel alignment using a radio transmission with the central unit, a new solution followed by a lot of aligners manufacturers.

atomic.gif (25164 byte)

FASEP introduces ATOMIC system.
A little "box" of few cubic centimeters connectable to a Computer that gives the new possibility of measuring the wheel alignment also to people who, working in small workshops, can not buy an expensive computerized wheel aligner.

30 Anniversary Fasep

FASEP introduces LASER technology to ease application of adhesive weights.

FASEP achieves ISO9001 Certification


FASEP pioneers the 16-bit technology in wheel balancing adopted in connection with the introduction of low-speed balancing, which allows a great benefit for durability and reliability of wheel balancer's mechanical parts.


FASEP designs its own tilt balancer where mounting of wheel is horizontal in order to achieve a perfect centering for the wheel effortless.

FASEP achieves ISO9001:2000 Certification

35 Anniversary Fasep


FASEP pioneers the XP technology in wheel alignment to improve usability and match the complexity of modern suspensions design.

New logo

FASEP pioneers the first ever wheel balancer using Windows.CE operating system.
A great leap ahead opening path to unknown possibiities.

FASEP introduces the new Contact clamps.

40 Anniversary Fasep
No Contact
First prototipe robotized touchless aligner

G3.Extreme Electronic motor control

The new technology G3.EXTREME introduces the following news:
. electronic motor control (inverter)
. use of quiet and powerful three-phase motors
. very quick cycle time (start, braking and automatic wheel positioning in 5.5. sec)
. automatic positioning system APS2 faster and more accurate, controlled by the keyboard or the brake pedal
. electromagnetic brake included as standard (not for B2xx)
. 50-60Hz seamless operation (electronic motor control operates shaft always at same speed)

45 Anniversary Fasep
V648 i-Touch

.. and the story continues !


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